Tuning in for Summer

by Friday, June 30, 2017

They say music will alter moods and talk to you….


Happy Friday Guys, I am really enjoying these summer rays we’ve been blessed with. I’ve found myself outside Jamming to some of my favorite tunes more often these days and I can’t really say I haven’t been absolutely loving it. I’ve always found music to be a huge part of my life. I’ve listened to so many different types of music at so many different avenues of my life that It’s literally embedded its necessity into my soul. So I’ve decided to embed a little music appreciation into each of your souls as well! I’ve decided every Friday I want to highlight some form of musical greatness. I want to share albums that have taken over my homes speakers, spotlight artists that allow their passion to bleed from every note or lyric delivered. This week I’ve decided to help get those hips moving and welcome in the summer right with a playlist of songs that I’ll be playing all summer long. Some of these songs have taken over ears of summers past and some will dominate the radio all summer 17 but all of these songs embody those summer feels! Let me know below what you will be playing summer 17 and how music has impacted your life.



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