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by Saturday, July 22, 2017

It’s Like Butter Baby…

Happy Saturday lovely people,

I have found myself sitting in my air conditioned apartment dreading the idea of dealing with these increasingly hot summer days. As a California Native, I do not understand how anyone can claim global warming isnt real because I certainly have seen an uptick in the temp norms that are frequently becoming more difficult to bear. I recently got into natural deodorant and I’m certainly missing the added layer of smell protection but this hypochondriac needs as much mental relief as I can get. I find my nose searching for solitude from the more pronounced scents that are escaping my body these days but my family has a prominence for cancer and I prefer to ease my mind where I can so chemicals near my boobies are a no go! Now that I think of it I have switched a ton of my favorite products out for less chemically compounded alternatives and not all transitions have been as difficult as finding a deodorant that doesn’t mimic what I’m tryna mask. My entire beauty routine has become aue natural and my face has absolutely been loving it so you can only imagine how excited I was to receive Bite Beauty’s new liquified lipsticks from Influenster for free to review! Ya girl loves a good sample and influenster has taken samples to a whole new level I received 3 amazingly buttery shades and what has now become my go to lip primer slash liner and needless to say I’m in love! Typing that I totally just pictured the bunny from the Counting crows video “Accidentally In love” dancing around my living room. I know my age is showing but Shrek is a frequently visited feature in my home with my own Mr. Jones so it’s more relevant in my life than you’d think. But darling I need less singing and more lipstick in this post.

Notable Mention:Each Bite lipstick is infused with the age-fighting
antioxidant resveratrolβ€”the equivalent
of five glasses of wine. So drink up…

Bite beauty is easily one of the most grammable natural beauty brands out there. Inspired but what their amazing founder SUSANNE LANGMUIR describes as kitchen chemistry, Bite is the beauty brand we all never knew we needed in our life. Vegan and budget friendly are usually hard to obtain but this brand has gotten both down to a science and a culture.Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate their packaging? Chic, durable, and just calling to find itself very strategically placed in my feed. But their products don’t just look good they feel good, smell amazing and are actually pretty good for you incorporating holy grails like coconut oil and manuka honey in their products top shelf for protection but also bare enough to eat. Not that I suggest eating these beauties but it’s nice when whats going on your mouth can also without worry go in! Hey get your head out of the gutter were talking lipstick here! The color pay off is beautiful and left my lips feeling ever so soft. At $24.00 a pop I can definitely see myself grabbing more of these shades. Let me know down below what your favorite lip has been this summer! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to use protection πŸ˜‰ ! There that head goes again we both know I meant of the spf variety.

Obsessed with the wand!

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